Saturday, November 9, 2019

I broke the HPI 5SC Flux baja within 10 minutes.

The first time i drove this thing, i broke it within 10 minutes.
Because these brushless cars are so fast, i just over-jumped and landed it on a treetrunk.
One of the wheels came off, and it was the end of the fun.


I'm just gonna fix this thing, and bash it again till it breaks !!!

Broke the axle.
Getting the broken one, and a good one out of the car.
The good one, i need for measuring, and making a new one.
Already made a rough shape for the new one.

Milling the flat surfaces on the axle.

Milling it, to take the dogbone axles in it.

Looks like it ! Fits very nice.

Bearings, fit, so it's good to go !

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