Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cleaning the wheels.

I did cleaned the wheels a bit, and they don't look that bad at all.
Also did some measuring, and tryed the wheels with the centre reversed.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bought a set of play mate 14 inch, 2 piece wheels.

I bought some oldskool 2 piece mesh wheels.
The brand is '' play mate '' , i never heard of it before ?
I did some research, but i can't find any information about it, so i gues these wheels are pretty rare.
When used google/images i found a lot of pictures, but not any of those wheels.
If you got some information about these wheels, please let me know and send me a message.
I'm gonna refurbish these wheels, and paint and polish them.

Diameter: 14 inches
Wide: 6 inches
Bolt pattern: 4 x 114,3 MM
Offset: Don't know yet

Some pictures of the wheels:


I just made some modifications to my sandblasting unit.
Now i'm able to use it while standing with a straight back.
Underneath the unit i made some space for a vacuum cleaner, and some spare parts for the unit.

First it was like:

And then i made it like:

I think this is gonna work pretty well,

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