Sunday, June 30, 2013

Also found a artikel about my own car, it was spotted 5 years ago.

I was spotted at a jdm meeting 30-06-2013 @ De Meern

Always nice to spot your own car on the internet :).

Saturday, June 15, 2013

street legal drachten 15-06-2013 dhra

Made a few phone-video's at the king street legal dragraces in Drachten.
More information at:

Saturday, June 8, 2013

George, the cleaning machine

This is a numatic machine, and it's called george.. all the numatic machines have names like george or henry.
Looks funny, but it's actually a very nice machine, it has a sprayer for soap and it vaccuums the soap en dirt out of the interior of the car. It made my 31 year old carina interior look like new.

Japanse Auto Festival

Very nice picture, made bij

New wheels, and cleaned interior.

I've got some updates, i did some in/exterior cleaning on the car, got some low profile tires, and fitted the wheels on the car. Also lowered the car a bit, still need to build some nice coil over systems for it.
I already got some ae86 struts, for building some custom coilover and lowering struts.

I made some pictures, but the quality of the pictures isn's very well. Soon i make some new pictures, and put them on my blog.

Got myself some new wheels for the bmw e30 ! Work Meister M1.

I got myself some new wheels for my bmw e30 project. Seems to be a pretty unique set, cause these were the first 17 inch meister m1 wheel...