Saturday, August 10, 2013

heat wrapping and shifter mods

The shifter didn't had any thread on it, so i cut the top piece off.. and i welded some thread on it.
Now i can screw almost every shift knob on it now.
I fitted my lancer evo 4 shift know, cause i bought a ralliart one for the Evo.

I did clean it, and put some new greese in it.
Works fine again! i am happy with it.

I heat-wrapped the downpipe, and the front part of the midd section.

I don't have pictures of the wrapped excaust yet.

Also i mount a hks mushroom filter on the car, and i mount the battery correctly.
A lot of other things i did to make the car safer... like removing the ugly pedals.

Working on the ae86.

There were/are some problems, and they need to be solved.

The biggest problems:

* The floor is getting very very hot, cause the excaust is underneath it... and the isoliation material is removed. On the way back home, it almost melt my shoes off.

* The shiftknob, was a very awfull one .. and it fell of the shifter all the time.

* There were some ugly pedals mount on the original pedals, it was very dangerous cause they were that close to each other sometimes i stepped on 2 pedals.

* There was a dirty and ugly aircleaner mount to the engine, but it wasn't mounth correctly and the rubber connectors were broken also.

I bought a toyota corolla coupe gt twin cam ( ae86 ) again

I found this little ae86 corolla for sale on the internet.
I did own a ae86 before, but i crashed it and i sold it.
Now i found one again, and i was able to buy my dream car again.
There is a nice high rpm 4a-ge 16v engine in it, and the seller told me the engine was rebuild, and it has also a TRD flywheel and TRD camshafts.

I actually didn't believe there are trd cam's in it, but a wheek after i bought it , i found out the car was actually tuned. There was a orgininal ecu in the car, but there also was a little black box underneath it, and there was on it. So, i visit the site and i found out it was actually a tuning company.... so maybe there is some nice cam-shafts in it ? ( the flywheel is really light, that's for sure ) Actually i didn't try to rev the engine very high jet, cause i want to fix some problems before i really gonna use the little 4age. But i already found out, the rev limiter is on a very very high rpm.

I made some phone pictures, and you can see the car is not really a pretty one.
There is no interior in it, and the car has a really bad paintjob, but i don't care ?? cause it's a 86 :) and it's so much fun to drive.

This is the car at the previous owner house.

On the way back home, i need to pump up the tires.

Home again.

Ruspa italy wheels, in 4x114,3 ?? rare wheels in the netherlands i gues?

Got myself some new wheels for the bmw e30 ! Work Meister M1.

I got myself some new wheels for my bmw e30 project. Seems to be a pretty unique set, cause these were the first 17 inch meister m1 wheel...