Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bought some tools

I found a flowmeter at, for tuning carburators.
When i went for picking up the flowmeter, i came home with a lot of other tools also. (Nut splitters, pulley pullers, knunkle pullers

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bought some decoration material from castrol, and some tools :)

 I like the oldskool motor oil cans,

A nice belt sander, perfect tool when doing sheet metal work.

A digital multimeter,

My 86 corolla is gonna be low and wide,

Because my hachi is in pretty bad shape, i decided to make it ready to run and have fun.
I'm gonna mount some wide fenders, 14/15 inch wheels, and make it just one bad ass hachi roku.
Because the car is painted very very bad, i decided to sand the car and gif it some new paint.

It's definatly not going to be some show car, but i'm gonna use it were it's made for.... Having fun :)
I bought some parts, i owned the parts some years ago when i had another hachiroku.
Unfortunatly i crashed the other ae86, and i sold it.
But now i finally have another hachi, and i bought some of my old parts back.
I bought some polyester front fenders, cause the old ones were in very bad shape.
Also got another tailgate, and also a set of wide fenders. ( very wide ).

Also i bought some ''blindklinknagels'' or rifnuts, to attach the fenders to the car.
The nuts are mad from aluminium and they have m6 thread.

Also bought a tool, which i'm gonna use for level the 4a-ge swap in the 82' carina.

Some pictures of the parts, and the rifnut tool and other tools,

 The tailgate and the front fenders fitted inside the trunk of my ta60 carina.

Did some welding,

Welding some new sheet metal in my girlfriends celica gti 4a-ge 16v.
Almost done, now i'm gonna make it ready for some paint and the car will be ready for mot again.

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