Gonna make some shirts,

I'm not a computer guy, but i made some simple examples for t-shirts in paint.
This is just for a example, and someone need to make them perfect and print them on t-shirts.

Parts, new old stock

Bought a new heater-valve, brand new old stock.

It's gonna look pretty nice if the engine bay is clean, without rust and some new and refurbished components.

Continued cleaning,

Did some more cleaning, it's a lot of work cause the black greasy stuff is very hard to remove without damaging the paint.

Cleaning up the engine bay.

This evening i did some cleaning, and i think it's gonne work out fine.
It was very greasy and there is a lot of anti-rust stuff sprayed in the engine bay.
Very hard to clean, so it takes a lot of time but it's gonna be shiny!

Made some progress with the carina ta60 -> 4a-ge swap ( ae82 & ae86 gt engine )

Finally there is some progress, i disconnected the engine and then i removed the engine.
Already did some cleaning in the engine-bay, and i put some lables on the wiring/hoses.
Now i can continu cleaning the engine-bay and remove all the parts i don't need anymore.
Also need to fix some rusty spots, but actually it's a very solid car.
The previous owner of the car mounted a volkswagen/audi window washer tank/pump, cause the orginal didn't work. So i need to find a original pump, which i can mounth in the original tank, which is still in the car.
I would like to keep the car original, or make it just like toyota should do it... and ofcourse a bit improvements and modifications to make the car perform better.

Some pictures of the engine removal: