Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hello Guys,

It's already a long time ago, that i updated my Blog.
Actually i was wondering, if there are still people reading my blog ?

I'm still working on my toyota carina ta60 with 4age, and my lancer evolution 4 rs.
If there are still people reading my blog, i wil keep updating it!


  1. there are atleast one reader ;) i have own blog too and ive been so lazy for updating but i will try do more about it... nice carina!

  2. keep updating please.. as a mitsubishi lovers i'll be happy if you write about your evo

    1. First i want to make my toyota carina running again.
      Then i would continu building the lancer evolution.
      I already bought many many quality parts for the evolution, but first the carina... building 2 cars at the same time just doesnt work out for me haha.


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