Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cleaning the 4a-> t50 bellhousing ( carina 4age swap )

I bought a 5 speed t50 gearbox which came from a toyota corolla ae86 ( rear wheel drive ).
there was also a bellhousing attached to it, which i need for my carina 4a-ge swap.

When i was cleaning the t50 gearbox i discovered a crack in the housing,
So maybe i can't use the gearbox, but i still can use the bellhousing.
The 1982 carina also uses a t50 5 speed, so i can attach the 4age on it with this bellhousing.

First it was like this.

Then i start cleaning the bellhouse ( lots of work )

And now it's ready to use for my 4a-ge 16v swap for my toyota carina.

The 4a-ge 16v i am going to swap in the carina, is still in my toyota ae82 gt.
I drove it like 4/5 years ago, and the engine is still going strong.
I'm going to clean the engine and doing some more mod's before i swap it into the carina.
There are some video's were you can hear the sound of the engine.
I couldn't upload both video's, so i just put the youtube link here and there is another video underneath.

And also this one, it's a soundcheck recorded in dark.

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