Friday, March 18, 2016

Finally updates/progress

Finally some update's,

I've been pretty busy with the yota !
Been prepping the engine bay for the 4age :) and soon the engine bay will be freshly painted in the original colour.

Also got the subframe/engine mounts/gearbox mounts and some other parts, powdercoated.

If everything goes like it should, the engine wil fit in soon.
But before the engine goes in, i need to sort some things out... and some custom intake/excaust/ignition work needed still.

Also removed the battery mount, and cleaned it a bit... in the future i think i'm gonna clean the engine bay a bit more and fill the useless holes.

Soon more updates/pictures.


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    1. keep up wooth good work,plans looks good :)
      i had in my coupe 4a-ge with turbo/ic earlier,looks quite funny because that engine is so small but you can get nice power out there even n/a.

    2. Thanks, the engine really does look very small in the large and clean engine bay :D but i like that, and it's easy working on the engine also.
      Your car look good also!!


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